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The Spoiled House Hunter - July 2014

The Spoiled House Hunter is a bi-monthly magazine that features Houston area real estate information that is in demand by today's consumer.


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An educator at heart and realtor by trade, Sherrie Jackson delivers the ABC’s of real estate to your transaction experience.  Sherrie Jackson comes from a family of real estate entrepreneurs with whom she developed her real estate savvy.  For the past 11 years has applied her real world knowledge and professional training in service to her industry cohorts and clients. 


 Sherrie Jackson desires to create and maintain win-win relationships with all whom she deals with in this industry. Her relationships with clients are more than just a pipeline of market information feeding in one direction – from the realtor to client.  Her relationships are built by creating a revolving door of questions and answers.  She helps her clients ask the right question by understanding what they want in a home or in commercial property and having a clear understanding of their financial status. 


In a market that is in a perpetual state of fluctuation and change, Sherrie Jackson’s greatest asset is the ability to remain in the know.  She’s always researching and learning the latest trends and laws that affect her business.  Her expertise lies in mortgages, undeveloped land sales, short sales, leases, high-end, residential and commercial properties.  If she doesn’t have an answer to your real estate question she has the relationships in the industry where she can get your answer. 


Clients receive a valuable education in real estate from Sherrie Jackson.  She teaches all of her clients how to use their real estate as a wealth building tool.  First-time home buyers get a wealth building map that includes options for investing, leasing and renting. With Sherrie Jackson knowledge is power, and real estate is the wealth that wields power. "

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