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This summer's PowHer Play breakfast was an absolute success with an attendance of the select 100 business women from around the city of Houston.  


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The Chatman Women’s Foundation, led by Shantera Chatman, is a national organization of community leaders who come together from across the country for the purpose of professional and personal

development of our society as a whole. The premise of the TCWF stems from the idea that the synergy of society is a direct result of the overall health and wealth of the woman.


Every year the TCWF mentors and teaches professionals and nonprofessionals alike through enrichment seminars and events such as the Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference and PowHer Play. Members and non-members alike can take advantage of the various branding and marketing tools that TCWF offers such as advertisement in the Pow-Her Quarter magazine, social media exposure tools, or editorial coverage of respective businesses. TCWF seeks to foster a networking environment fit

for personal and professional growth; and business

exposure through media relations.

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Houston TX, June 20, 2014—(HPT Media); Shantera Chatman founder of the 6 year old popular Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference will not let the lack of money stop the her mission to uplift and empower women.  She started the conference in 2008 to accomplish this goal.  Since, she has succeeded in transforming thousands of lives.  However the lack of sponsorship has shifted her energy toward creating a foundation that will give money to women who are empowered, yet homeless, who are visionaries, yet stuck; and to enterprising women who lack the start-up money. These three areas of life related with hundreds of AWEC attendees in previous years. Shantera has now targeted her efforts toward remedying these issues.  The Chatman Women’s Foundation will begin awarding three types financial gifts to women who are currently struggling under these circumstances.  The financial endowment will be given to a woman who wants a life change. The education scholarship will be given to a woman who desires to go to school or go back to school. The business grant will be given to a woman who wants to start a business.


She hopes the Foundation will broaden the scope and mission to potential sponsors and investors looking to improve the lives of women. The inauguration of the Foundation will not stop the yearly empowerment events.  AWEC will still be held in February despite the lack of funds. PowHer Play will be held this summer June 26th – 27th at the Char Bar (cocktail mixer) and the Houston Junior League (breakfast).  PowHer Play is an empowerment breakfast for the corporate woman and entrepreneur looking for a mentalrecharge and new networking connections.  This year the Foundation is strengthened by their new partnership with Kendra Scott Boutique.  As a marketing partner that will push the mission and vision of the Foundation.  They will hold a network cocktail hour at their boutique in December as a teaser to February’s Conference. 


AWEC is still expected to make a strong impact as in previous years.   Past key-note speakers have included actress Kim Coles, news anchors Melissa Wilson and Jose Grinan, and Shell Oil VP’s.  This year Shantera hopes to secure some high profile individuals who have shown interest to be a keynote speaker in the past but could not commit due to scheduling conflicts. Former Essence editor Susan Taylor and actress Kim Coles have a survivor story that relates to masses of women.  TCWF looks to have them in the very near future.


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