The Ability to Think Your Way Through

It's part of our genetic fabric to conclude that the ability to think is the apex of survival. Apply this to any kind of social situation that can and will exist and it will prove absolute each and every time. Building a business is like any other puzzle, maze or blue print. It will not be fulfilled until you yourself are able to experience its peak through your five senses. You must think your way into this experience.

You hire a business consultant or college MBA grad student to help map your business plan out. You take it upon yourself to construct your business framework by acquiring the licensing, establishing protocols, and implementing your lead generators. But even this miniscule sense of accomplishment only fuels your business resolve so far. No matter how many bridges you build within your network that gives the illusion of getting over, you cannot escape the wall of strategy that you must climb in order to reach the next level in your business.

Why, because your idea is not a part of the consensus' plans. (Not really.) This reality may seem surprising despite the obvious gap your service or product is meant to bridge. It may even be an outcry for what you have to offer, but the consensus is not ready for it because they are busy constructing their own plans to get what they want. Or, they're so inundated with the struggles of waiting and passing up dead-end "opportunities", that their senses have been dulled to recognize your solution.

It is up to you to think your way through the complex traffic of "opportunity" and reach your customer where he or she is. It's the toughest thing to accomplish, so you might as well start mastering it now.

You have to think your way through the bullshit, or else the shit will make your pathway disappear. Stay focused on what you are serving. Remember, the mere fact that you are a member of the consensus gives you the inherent right to manifest your business service or product, and build your brand as big as you so desire it.

Use practicality -- Don't trick yourself into doing something so outrageous like spending $500 on social media ads when you don't have the budget to get a decent venue for your launch, showcase or network event.

Show kindness -- Your business brand is linked to your personal reputation. Lose the chip off your shoulder that suggests you are inferior in your business. Just because you may be unaware of certain trends that directly affect your business, doesn't mean you have to walk around with a permanent bitch face to ward off questions about what you do. This is 2015, not 1991; seriousness in a social setting does not render respect any more. It makes people turn away from you. It's okay to let people know "I didn't know that." Appreciate their knowledge, and if it benefits you, use it. You are moving forward in your passion. Anchor your happiness in that. It's infectious!

Be flexible -- Loosen up a little bit. Detach yourself from spiritless protocols. Be honest and act within higher standard of professional integrity. Strengthen your mind a little more to know that a few missed deadlines, or red bottom lines will not cause you to fail in your business venture. It may cause partners and associates to side-eye your production levels, but that's okay. It happens every now and again. Don't be afraid to fail. Pick up the ball that was dropped and keep it moving. Your success is hinged directly to your attitude. Keep things positive and keep it moving.

Pace your production -- It doesn't mean slow down. Many people misunderstand this phrase. This means set a rhythm in your production. Regardless of how fast or slow you think you are going the benefit of your production is seen brighter when it is set to a rhythm.

Be creative -- Research what competitors are doing so that you are familiar with the dynamics of the box. Once you are familiar with the dynamics of the box, you can think outside of it. There is an app for everything, especially marketing metrics. It's important to gauge what your customer is engaged with so that you can create a platform that reaches them where they are. Once you are able to see what they will respond to then you are free to construct the measure by which they engage.

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