Neglecting the Stream

Neglecting the Stream

by Rebecca Walton

Small business people remember this: You are an idea, a business, an enterprise... Conduct yourself as such. Whether you are a one man operation or at the helm of a well-oiled machine, do not forget to stream about your business.

Don't think that social media is the reason why this is so important. Social media is a manifestation of why it has been an integral part of building business for decades. In fact, although social media maybe a pop culture term that recently came to the scene about 10 years ago, it is not a new idea. The idea of "social media" has been around for decades--possibly stemming back all the way to the 50s' and 60's or further.

Pioneers in industries past latched on to the importance of keeping a consistent stream of information flowing from their platform. Back in the day, street teams were the social media of today. Droves of people walked passed the newspaper boy: "Read all about it!"... Remeber that? And let's not forget the flier compilation that was seen on every street post and back alley wall. A lot of what you see today in the streets of Vegas and New York City is what started the digital phenomenon of "social media"--that of course took root waaaaay back in the day.

It is a tool to remain connected with people. Yup, the giants throughout the history of this country understood that keeping the conversation going on about their business was key to keeping production flowing. It's time you adopt this fundamental principle into the foundation of your business.

People invest and put money into what's familiar. We are all creatures of habit. Don't think that the next competitor is winning because their product or service is better than yours. It may or may not be true, but that's neither here nor there. What is absolute is that their business is flourishing because they are anchored into their customer. The only way to establish a fixed anchor is to establish a consistent flow of information and content into your customer. Failing to do so, or neglecting the stream will result in low production--simple as that. Get on board with your blog, vlog, social media posts, newsletters, and commercials. Don't neglect the stream.

Here at HPT Media we will do better ourselves.... (Last blog post was back in June... Yikes! We're building to help you stay content strong.)


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