From the Outside Looking In

From the Outside Looking In

Nicole Albrecht

Imagine that your business was given one 10x10 space to exhibit everything that it stands for. You are then presented the opportunity to show the world a glimpse of your business through one window of that room. How would you include the philosophy, purpose, and services of your business? How would it look? How would it make people feel? We refer to brand imaging as your virtual window. A window serves as a promise to what is inside. It has the capacity to build trust and desire. When people look into your window they should see numerous attributes that collectively hold meaning. A glimpse might say, “bold and daring” or maybe “clean and cozy”.

Designing a brand image is an art that involves attention to detail. The nature of the components should entice the visual stimuli while penetrating human emotion. Special focus is given to each element- including font, color, design, layout, and word choice. A powerful brand is created when these tools are used well. People will remember a brand image that connects with them personally. It will draw them in and invite them to stay. In return, a loyalty to the product or service is formed.

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