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Ro Kinler Spreads Lupus Awareness through Shifting Energy Candles

Houston TX, August 20, 2013 --(Houston Style Magazine)--Ro Kinler’s power is defined by beauty. From her soul to her outer appearance, she is a true beauty marked by being a shifting energy champion. Yes, the phrase is “shifting energy”. Four years ago, Ro Kinler was diagnosed with lupus. Like most people she wasn't quite sure what it meant. But as her heart went into congestive failure and her kidneys began to deteriorate, Ro quickly learned that the disease in all its bane would destroy her - if she let it. Ro stood at an apex in her life and made a decision. Against the grain of her disease like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Ro shifted her energy toward the opposite direction of her illness. Ro refused to let her debilitating condition stop her from living. Since then, she has manifested her power of beauty onto hundreds of people who have had the good fortune to burn her beautifully scented Shifting Energy Candles and bask in beauty of her make-up artistry.


Like the magnetic pull of two opposing magnets, Ro has always been drawn to make-up artistry. She’s Picasso with a paint brush. The girl got skills for real! Growing up in Beaumont TX, she was chastised on more than a few occasions for wearing make-up at school. But her rebellion eventually turned into her meal ticket that has established her as a brand among the masses. She is preferred my countless women who will trek the distance and pay the price to sit in her chair. Everyone comes across a make-up artist who knows the mechanics of make-up application. But Ro is a special breed of artist who is able to enhance the beauty in imperfections. She understands the simple and apparent beauty of a woman and is able to flower those features to the amazement and satisfaction of her client.


Years ago someone told her that her personal hobby of making scented candles was going to bless the world. She didn't think anything of it. But a series of unfortunate events including an apartment fire that destroyed all of her belongings deterred her from her fulfilling her calling. It was no twist of fate that the six means labor or God’s grace because exactly six years later she was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE, much to her dismay. At the time she didn't know her diagnosis was going to be the impetus to begin her work – her ministry to the masses. Determined to not let lupus kill her, she made it her business to change her energy. Understanding the philosophy of energy she states, “When you are around people you feel their energy. You can feel somebody’s negative energy right away. I can. I have to stay away from negative energy because of my illness. Bad energy stresses me out [it will keep me sick].” In the past, making candles made her happy. It was time for her to start manufacturing again. During prayer and meditation Shifting Energy Candles suddenly came to her. It represented her entire platform to the core. Ro Kinler is a graceful and charming personality with a powerful beauty that radiates from within. Like a lit candle, she is a quiet force to be acknowledged. Her essence is known without a spoken word.


Ro manufactures her own secret blend of paraffin wax candles that are infused with soothing aromas and catnip scents; guaranteed to spur negative energy toward positive energy. Place the candles anywhere in the home for a cozy clean feel. Along with the standard glass scented candle, she manufactures fun and yummy replicas of bakery sweets, candies, fruits, and whips. They make great gifts, decorations, novelties, basket additions; and can even come with customized scents. Customers have bought their own customized scented candles for weddings, showers and gift baskets. Ro is branding her business to be a different kind of household accessory.


Shifting Energy Candles is Ro Kinler’s baby; a small business on the road to becoming a full-fledged corporation and cosmetic line. Yes, cosmetic line! Her goal is to combine her love for candles and make-up into a beauty line that will be a platform for lupus awareness. She looks to establish a charitable branch within her corporation to forward proceeds over to The Lupus Foundation and local lupus organizations that are looking to find a cure for her illness.

Ro Kinler is certainly distinguishing herself not only as a force to be acknowledged, but to be reckoned with as well. She is vocal on her platform telling the masses that lupus is no respecter of mankind. It affects everyone, especially in the African American woman. It’s important to her that the community is educated and proactive toward prolonging the lives of those who are affected by a disease that incapacitates indefinitely. She declares, “I have this disease but I’m not going to let it stop me from living.”


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