Direct Marketing

At HPT Media we specialize in a sure thing. The best marketing tool is face to face introductions and transactions.  After establishing a comprehensive strategy, we target your consumer within a 10 mile radius of your storefront or preferred geomap location for business to business direct marketing.  We will secure 150 face to face business contacts per month on behalf of you. That's 150 monthly social media, email and direct contacts that will be personally introduced to your business. And they won't just be business reps.  We go after managers, business owners and decision makers who will potentially become your customer.  Once we collect their business card and information we follow-up with social media connections, an email and possible phone call depending on your business objective. 


Public Relations

HPT Media is your publicist and promoter.  We take control and manage your target markets' public opinion about you and / or your business.  We pride ourselves on being spin-doctors; making the lackluster dazzling through an editorial coverage campaign that will keep the dialogue on-going about your positive impact on the community. Be plugged into the biggest magazines in the community with a feature article.  Have the bloggers posting about your successes.  We bring the Hollywood to Houston through the conditioning of your platfrom, and through the grooming of you.  We establish your talking points, book media appearances, organize tours, and put you right in front of your target market.


Media Kit / Press Kit / Brand Report

We begin your marketing campaign with a brand report sometimes called media or press kit. This report will be your launch pad to strategize your PR, social media, and advertising campaigns.  It contains a band statement, image consult, color scheme, tags, 3 logo options, website design consult, talking points and marketing / action plan.


Press Releases

A 300-500 word press release is copied and distributed through with attached media kit and associated website address. The distribution is to industry specific websites, every business registered on PR.Com, the City of Houston news outlets, bloggers, online publications, and major Search engines - Google News and Bing News. We send an initial press release out about your business and news-worthy story associated with your upcoming PR campaign.  Press releases are sent out as events arise.



We are the proud publisher of Houston Profile Magazine as premier client you and your business will be featured in every issue of our publication for as long as you are an active client. Check out the distribution list here. We also create traditional and digital ad campaigns that are funneled through email, social media marketing and website display marketing.  We got your e-blasts covered. Want to be featured with a full-page ad in a popular magazine?  We got that covered as well. As one of our premier clients you recieve an unlimited number of fliers to use at your disposal to promote you, your business, or event.  Need a mass number of impressions per year? Invest in one of our billboards across the greater Houston metro area.  Even better, get a lightbox billboard at the airport! Reach your goal number of impressions within the allotted time period to promote your brand new product or service.  We can produce, film and edit a video commercial to be promoted through local TV and / or video marketing.  Connect with your target market on a personal level. 


Social Media Management

Social Media is virtual playground that enables you to make organic connections by pumping out fresh daily content for people to use.  Let us establish your business as an information source.  If people can trust the information your deliver to them, they can ultimately trust the services you bring to them.  Most people don't have the time to pump out fresh daily content. We can be an extra pair of hands in your business and churn out fresh daily content through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  SEO qualify your digital platform with a marketing campaign that offers daily social media posts, 300 word blogs on your website, video web-mercials and vlogs-via YouTube; stunning photography and more! .



Our photographers are leading imaging professionals that deliver the latest aesthetic in brand development.  Weather you want to showcase yourself, your business structure / landscape or product; we can create a portfolio of images that will be strategically distributed throughout your marketing campaign.


Website Development and Management

Today, web sites are evolving into landing pages for your business.  It's your online business card. Let us get into your head space to learn who you are, and what your business is.  Our designs reflect your person, image and message.  Through our intricate market mapping approach, we will develop your digital platform to communicate exactly what you want said to your public. Thanks to our web hosting partners -- WIX, Squarespace, and Godaddy, -- we are able to aspire into the digital space, a breathtaking perspective of your business.


Logo Design

Get a custom designed LOGO with copyrights! Our artists are graphic gurus who use the latest design technology to produce a one of kind timeless image that represents the who, what, where, when and why of your business.  You are given three choices to choose from after your brand report is completed.  You will receive a color, black and white copy of your logo in 300 DPI, PDF, JPEG, and PNG format


Video Marketing

Let HPT Media provide your business with a stunning video that portrays your business in the light in which only you can deliver.  Our 30 second to 1 minute promo videos will capture the heart of your business.  Use this video as a social media promotion tool, for an in office video loop, a commercial or for any promotional supplement for your business. Or create a video marketing campaign that communicates to your target market through a small scale "reality tv" webisodes.  Bring forth the nitty gritty of your business and relate to your target audience on an intimate level.  Reel in your business through stunning visuals and engaging content.



Got an idea for a book about your business? Are you a motivational speaker who needs to enhance your brand? Need a case study written about your business successes?  Need an article written for a publication?  HPT Media has got you covered.  Our expertise are in the fields of non-fictional self-help and how-to books, business case study, and general content for the web and media publications.  Come in for a free consultation and jump start your project with us.



Company Magazines

Businesses and platforms that have the capacity to become a digital or print magazine, begin by creating their publication with us. It can be distributed through e-mail marketing, social media marketing, or within the City of Houston. HPTMedia will edit, print, assemble your media kit, and shop for advertisers; virtually turning your business or platform into a full fledged publication.


Catalogs / Brochures

Upgrade your business literature with a catalog or brochure that looks like a mini magazine. Scale things down a bit with a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure. Or go comprehensive with an 11 x 17 catalog for your table display or store front checkout counter. Upgrade from your rough copy paper and Word document imaging, to an HPTMedia intrepid designed, high-gloss paper brochure. 


Coffee Table Books

An 8-100 page quick read is the best product to communicate your story, message or business to your target audience. Choose between print or digital distribution; or distribute your book through both. Our publication department is categorically mapped out to provide for you the best book you can create.  We take care of everything -- from the  copy / edit, to the design / photography; to the  marketing / distribution.

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