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Gary Thompson is here to comprehensively educate the public about commercial and residential inspection, and construction.


He says, “No house is perfect, even a brand-new one. I've inspected hundreds of homes and have yet to see one in flawless condition. This doesn’t mean that you won't find the house of your dreams. It does mean that when you find the house you want, you should go one step further and find out what problems or potential problems exist in it.”


Gary Thompson provides a unique perspective in service. He is both an inspector and builder.  He can tell you what’s wrong with your structure and give you the cost analysis to fix it.  


His charismatic delivery, ability to connect with diversified audiences, and 30+ years in the real estate industry makes him a premier speaker and educator in an industry that touches every member of society.


Gary Thompson represents the true cost of acquiring a home – education. In an ever changing industry in both logistics, practice and market, Gary Thompson has acquired 30+ years in this industry because he has remained in the know through the trial and error of his craft.


He graciously accepts your platform to render today’s housing industry information for your target audience.

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