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Brand Statement

Houston Home Girls is a reality TV show that provides a platform for women real estate professionals who come from culturally diverse backgrounds to promote their prospective businesses. It’s is a forward marketing concept that allows target markets to gain an intimate perspective of their real estate service

provider and a behind the curtain view of the operations and processes these professionals undergo in service to their client.


Why Women: Houston Home Girls seeks to break those stereotypes that portray women to be not as strong in

negotiation, not as shrewd in executing strategy and not as in tune with the pulse of the real estate market.


Why Ethnic Women: Houston Home Girls is a response to the marginalization of ethnic women realtors. It is a paradigm created to empower culturally diverse women to be fearless (not abrasive or garish) in using their diversity as a beneficial tool in building relationships with their clients.


Our mission is to educate the masses on the alternatives to acquiring real estate; and to facilitate more

marketing opportunities for small businesses to grow.

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