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Dancing Queen Sheila Harris Holds Free Zumba Classes for Houston Residents

Houston TX, June 5, 2013 --(Houston Style Magazine)--Who said a 40 year old diabetic woman who’s been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, who’s still considered by some to be “overweight”, can’t be a champion of health and wellness for her community? Zumba Dance Queen, Shelia Harris didn’t get the memo.


Beginning with a love of dance her entire life, Shelia Harris has manifested her passion into a community effort by inviting the City of Houston out to the Melody Club Houston once a month to a free two hour Zumba party. Anyone who has the ability to move their body is eligible and most welcome to come out and join the Latin exercise soirée. Enjoy a judgment free social networking zone amongst your peers where there is an endless supply of water, energizing drinks, bananas, apples and other health and wellness goodies. And get ready to laugh, dance and sweat like you never have before. It is a super fun environment led by the most energetic and hardest working regular woman in Houston. If you’re wondering how anyone can just pop up and routinely hold a free Zumba class when no one else is doing it, then look at Shelia Harris, founder of Have Fun Feel Good - a health and wellness platform that involves personal training, fitness classes and social networking. Here is where Shelia believes that losing weight is a byproduct of a healthy life. And a healthy life is brought on by a happy life.


Having fun and feeling good is what it is all about for this inspirational life consultant whose story compares to the masses. In one perspective she is anything but ordinary. What sets her apart is her courage to render a smile appropriate in every occasion. “I’m naturally outgoing and engaging toward people”, says Shelia Harris. Her infectious spirit is what’s going to help the sluggish person get up and move. Loaded with ideals and insight, Shelia declares that the body was not designed to be at rest more than half a day. Unfortunately more people fall victim to a desk job that tires them out mentally to the point they are too tired to exercise at the end of the day. Shelia said no more to her regular nine to five that effected the constant pain of fibromyalgia and decided to take control of her own wellbeing by creating Have Fun Feel Good. Now an independent payroll contractor Shelia takes charge of her own schedule to devote time toward each area of her life that is important.


A while ago she didn’t have the luxury of following her dreams and being a loving soccer, track and volleyball mom. Instead she indulged in her favorite pass time of dance (part time) and adjusted her lifestyle to fight against the ravages of fibromyalgia, type II diabetes and being overweight. “I love salsa to the point once I get started I can’t stop. Some people follow rhythm well. I’m one of those people. As soon as I hear the beat I start counting. So I started social dancing just for fun”, Shelia says. She danced, excelling in salsa, cumbia, and merengue. She moved closer to her job so she could walk to work every day, and exercised on her aerobic bike at home. Remaining physically active Shelia tempered her need for diabetes medication. 


Her lifestyle choices spurred along the idea of her giving back to the community. With nothing more than herself to give, Shelia became a certified personal trainer and started her business. With a natural affinity toward Latin dance, Shelia took it a step further and became a certified Zumba instructor.


Months leading up to her Zumba classes, Shelia’s commitment level wavered between her responsibilities as a mom, wife and dance socialite. But understanding that her life so far has been an inspiration, she needed to make this happen in response to the many people who struggle with balancing their own lives and maintaining health and wellness. Her spirit is what’s needed. And what better way to make a strong impact than providing free Zumba classes once a month for people to get a jump-start to a more mobile way of life.


Her classes have absolutely no pressure. You won’t hear Shelia say, “Come on. Get up, you have to keep up.” Instead you’ll enjoy her infectious smile as she flails her arms and hips in sync to a merengue beat showing you that she’s just like you and you can do it too. Every man woman and child is welcome to come into a judgment free environment spearheaded by an atypical leader. Shelia is not your average trainer that has less than two percent of body fat. She really is just like you - a work in progress. According to Shelia Harris you do not have to be a size six to lead a group of people toward an optimal level of health. It can be done together.

Shelia Harris desires to have the entire City of Houston experience at least one of her Zumba parties. So log onto to www.havefunfeelgood.com today and register for the next free Zumba party. Get inspired, meet new people and most of all come into a space where you can have fun and feel good!



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